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Expert Tips and Tricks from Makeup Artist Sunita Gupta

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In the dynamic world of makeup, few can claim the expertise and creativity of Sunita Gupta. As the owner of Gold Crown Studio, she is known for transforming her clients into stunning visions. Today, we’re diving into some expert tips and tricks from Sunita Gupta, a leading Kanpur Makeup Artist, to help you achieve flawless looks for any occasion.

Tip 1: Start with a Clean Canvas

Sunita Gupta emphasizes the importance of a clean and hydrated face before applying makeup. Cleansing and moisturizing are crucial steps to ensure a smooth application. At Gold Crown Studio, Sunita ensures that all her clients receive the right skincare before makeup application, creating a perfect base for their transformation.

Tip 2: Prime for Perfection

Using a primer is essential for long-lasting makeup. Sunita Gupta recommends applying a quality primer to minimize pores, smooth the skin, and help foundation adhere better. This is a key step she uses in her work as a Kanpur Bridal Makeup Artist, ensuring that bridal makeup lasts throughout the big day.

Tip 3: Blend, Blend, Blend

Blending is an art, and Sunita Gupta is a master of it. She advises using a damp beauty sponge or a quality makeup brush to blend foundation and concealer seamlessly. This technique ensures a natural finish and avoids harsh lines. Her expertise in blending is part of what makes her one of the Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Kanpur.

Tip 4: Emphasize the Eyes

To create captivating eye looks, Sunita Gupta suggests using a good eyeshadow primer to prevent creasing and to make colors pop. When applying eyeshadow, start with lighter shades and gradually build intensity. Sunita’s eye makeup techniques are renowned, making her a top choice for Professional Bridal/Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Kanpur.

Tip 5: The Power of Setting Spray

A setting spray can make all the difference in keeping makeup intact throughout the day. Sunita Gupta always finishes her makeup applications with a spritz of setting spray, ensuring the longevity of the look. This is a must-have product, especially for brides and anyone attending special events.

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