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Best Professional Bridal Makeup Artists in Kanpur with Price

Bridal Makeup Artist in Kanpur
Bridal Makeup Artist in Kanpur

When it comes to planning your wedding day, finding the perfect bridal makeup artist is crucial. In Kanpur, there are several talented professionals who can help you achieve the look of your dreams. Here is a list of some of the best professional Bridal Makeup Artists in Kanpur, along with their services.

1. Sunita GuptaGold Crown Studio

Website: Gold Crown Studio
Contact: Contact Sunita Gupta


  • Bridal Makeup: Expertly crafted looks for your special day.
  • Engagement Makeup: Stunning styles to capture the magic of your engagement.
  • Party Makeup: Look your best for any special event.
  • Hair Services: Elegant updos and chic styles.
  • Skin Services: Maintain radiant skin with customized treatments.
  • Body Services: Pampering and revitalizing body treatments.
  • Pedicure Services: Luxurious manicures and pedicures.
  • Extension Studio: High-quality hair extensions for added volume and length.

2. Shalini Singh – Style Studio

Website: Style Studio
Contact: Contact Shalini Singh


  • Bridal Makeup: Beautiful bridal looks tailored to your style.
  • Engagement Makeup: Enhance your natural beauty for your engagement.
  • Party Makeup: Perfect for weddings, receptions, and other special occasions.
  • Hair Styling: From elegant updos to modern styles.
  • Facials and Skin Treatments: Customized treatments to keep your skin glowing.

3. Priya Verma – The Bridal Lounge

Website: The Bridal Lounge
Contact: Contact Priya Verma


  • Bridal Makeup: Tailored to suit your wedding theme and personal style.
  • Engagement Makeup: Flawless looks to enhance your special moment.
  • Party Makeup: Stand out at any event with professional makeup.
  • Hair Styling: Creative and elegant hairdos for every occasion.
  • Skin Services: Treatments to ensure your skin looks its best.
  • Manicures and Pedicures: Keep your nails looking perfect.

4. Anjali Mehta – Glamour Artistry

Website: Glamour Artistry
Contact: Contact Anjali Mehta


  • Bridal Makeup: Stunning bridal makeup for your special day.
  • Engagement Makeup: Gorgeous looks for your engagement photos.
  • Party Makeup: Be the star of any event with professional makeup.
  • Hair Services: Elegant and modern hairstyles.
  • Facials and Skin Treatments: Keep your skin healthy and radiant.

5. Ritu Sharma – Beauty Blush Studio

Website: Beauty Blush Studio
Contact: Contact Ritu Sharma


  • Bridal Makeup: Customized bridal looks to match your vision.
  • Engagement Makeup: Enhance your natural beauty for your engagement.
  • Party Makeup: Perfect for any special event.
  • Hair Services: Beautiful and stylish hairdos.
  • Skin Services: Keep your skin looking its best with professional treatments.
  • Manicures and Pedicures: Ensure your nails are perfect for every occasion.

How to Choose the Right Bridal Makeup Artist

  1. Research and Reviews: Look up reviews and testimonials for each artist. Websites like Gold Crown Studio often have client feedback.
  2. Portfolio: Check their portfolio to see if their style matches your vision.
  3. Trial Session: Book a trial session to ensure compatibility and satisfaction with the makeup style.
  4. Budget: Ensure the pricing fits within your wedding budget.


Finding the right bridal makeup artist in Kanpur is crucial for ensuring you look stunning on your special day. Whether you choose Sunita Gupta at Gold Crown Studio or any other talented artist, ensure you communicate your preferences and expectations clearly. With the right artist, you can confidently walk down the aisle knowing you look your absolute best.